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About Us

1.OFA Entertainment has many years of experience and strength background, and is committed to providing the most safest and reliable online gaming platform.

2.The games developed are recognized by well-known accounting company to ensure that the data generated randomly in the system is 100% accurate. And use the National Authoritative System Technology Test (TST) to strictly pass the MGS and GLI system platforms to ensure the fairness of the game.

3.Our sports betting puts in professional manpower and resources, we provides complete events and innovates a variety of gameplays for player; live casino of dealer who have been trained by international casinos, all kinds of casino games are played by them. All gambling games are based on the results of the dealer's licensing, rather than computer probabilities. High-tech webcast technology gives players a thrilling experience of casino experience; All kinds of lottery games produce game results based on official results, allowing players to enjoy the most lively betting interface.

4.And our slot games use the most fair of random generation to give players peace of mind to enjoy a variety of entertaining games. We are committed to providing the most professional products and the most dedicated service, so that players can enjoy the casino's most immediate and most exciting casino atmosphere. In terms of network security, a network security maintenance center was set up to use the complex algorithm to encrypt data, so that the information transmission between the player and the game is free of loopholes, in order to protect the player's account information and game structure.

5.In the spirit of service-oriented, 24 hours a day and open all year round to solve the problems of platform and game. Let every player feel home away from home and enjoy the supreme honor of the casino. Thank for your support. We will hold promotions from time to time to provide players with more reward and surprises.

Privacy Policy

1. GM Entertainment is committed to protecting privacy and providing the safest gaming platform for our customers. We will provide you with the best service and will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. The personal information you provide is encrypted by SSL128. Technically processed and stored on a secure and non-public server. The partner who has access to the customer's personal data must comply with our privacy rules.

2. You need to keep your account and password safe. Do not allow any other person or third party, and be careful not to allow 「minors」 to use your account for games and betting operations. The company will have the right to refuse to pay any rewards or bonuses arising therefrom. You will be solely responsible for all losses incurred by the third party in the account.

3. The Company reserves the right to make any changes to the Privacy Policy on its own. Any changes to this policy will be binding and will take effect immediately.

4. You may receive regular messages to update you about the information and services of GM. When there have new promotions, these messages will help you fully enjoy the services of this platform.

5. Our system will automatically record the browser's network IP address, but it will never be recorded, and this is mainly used for traffic statistics.

Terms of Service

【Important】Announcement of Member rights and obligations

1.Before members enter this site to participate in any activities, please be sure to read the company's various rules in detail. Once you have entered the website with “Agreement”, you are deemed to have accepted all the regulations.

2.The company reserves the right to modify any of the terms of this agreement and has the final interpretation and decision.

3.This website is only available to users of legal age and must be at least 18 years of age when betting.

4.Notice !!Once we find that the same IP has more than one account. All transactions will be stopped immediately!

5.In case of irresistible disasters, such as hacking, network problems, system damage caused by data loss, the company's final data is the final processing data, the company reserves the right to modify the final results.

★All member attention please★

1.Before the first transaction on this website, please take the initiative to do real name certification with online customer service~ Just do the certification one time.

2.In order to speed up the processing time of your transaction, Members need to be certified first.

3.Each customer can only have one account. If the customer has multiple accounts, the company has the right to freeze the customer's account and cancel all winning bets in the account. The company reserves the right to cancel the amount of the account balance caused by canceling any factors. In addition, if the account owner and the relatives are found to use a plurality of different accounts, the company has the right to restrict each customer to a maximum of one account.

4.The general rules of the company's promotional activities: only for the same player, the same contact information, the same IP and the same computer. The company has the right to forfeit profits due to abnormal betting behavior. ※Same account / family / household address / email address / phone number / payment account (such as credit card number, etc.) / IP location / shared computer / environmental network ※IP shows abnormal people preventively stop money laundering / fraud / generate profit is not included in the calculation.

5.In order to maintain the fairness of the game, if the audit finds that the member is betting on both positive and negative results in the same game or using illegal software to bet, the profit and concessions generated during the betting period will be cancelled (win and lose is the member's own responsibility). We will disable their account. Thank you for your support.

6.Recently, the Api game such as Allbet, SA, EBET, DG have encountered a way to place a bet on the plug-in arbitrage bet. The Api game will not count win lose to return the principal > Method calculation. The company is hereby announced so that members should not try their own methods.

7.In order to avoid any disputes, each time you login and sign out, the customer should check their own api balance. Each member must check the information of the member account during any game participation in the website or before ending the game, if any abnormalities are found. You should immediately contact customer service to verify, otherwise the member will be deemed to agree and accept. All data or historical data of the account, the data in the company's database shall prevail. The user shall not object.

8.The company has the right to refuse or not accept any user to login and play all the games on this website in any improper way. Malicious through the game website program loopholes, use plug-ins or arbitrarily modify the acquired inappropriate game coins and points. The company will immediately suspend the user's permanent right, the illegally obtained game currency and points will not be calculated, and the company will retain the legal retrospective right.

9.If it is verified that the funds are transferred by different accounts or the fraudulent money laundering of the convenience store in different counties and cities. If you use our deposit system for fraud, the company will freeze the account and deliver relevant member information to local criminal investigation. So, Members should not try their own methods!

10.We forbid our agent or staff member register account privately, request member account/password, to carry on betting. If we find this kind of violated action, we will suspense your account (All the points in your wallet no longer to use anymore)

11.If we find our member and agent have same IP address. We will treat as agent register account by himself. It is classified as violated action. We will suspend your account. If one IP have multiple account at the same time, it will treat as invalid member.

12.In order to protect your account`s security and rights. Don’t let others know about your account & password. Try not to set your password simply. Be safe keeping your password and change your password regularly. Don’t let website record your password automatically.

● OFA gaming platform rules

For our VIP customer have better gaming experience, we reserve the right to adjust VIP`s gaming betting money range. However, this adjustment is only for entertainment. If we found out any abnormal betting behaviors (such as double betting or risk-free betting, please check our following description), we also have the rights to reduce the betting amount without any notice.

● Risk Free Betting

You can only bet up to 7 different numbers in the same round at a time. You can only bet up to 7 different ranking places for the same number, and also you can only purchase up to 7 different ranking place. Over 8 number or ranking places are considered risk-free bets.

If we found out that any player violates our rules, you will be forfeited and cannot be withdraw / freeze account.

AB bets are prohibited in the same period & game. In the luck-airship or Dragon-Tiger of rules, no matter the Number Big or small/ Even or odds, you can only buy one. It is forbidden to buy over 7 numbers, and the total value of 1st place & 2nd place value cannot exceed 11 numbers at most.

● Double cast algorithm

You bet on the same lottery and number. After the game settlement, the amount you bet is a multiple of the previous period or more than the previous period.

For example, after you bet on the championship big 100 settlement, bet on the championship big 200 again, and continue to bet on the championship big 400 or more. Are considered as Double cast bets.

This is strictly forbidden by our company. Please pay attention to your betting method to avoid affecting your normal withdrawal process. Thank you.

Baccarat: After this round end, your betting amount is multiple in last round or the betting amount doubled more than two consecutive games. We treat is as multiples betting. For example: 100, 300, 1000

If we found out player have any kind of the similar behavior. We have the rights to adjust the VIP betting amount without notice. If the situation is serios, we will prohibit your fully withdraw on our platform. Please pay attention to your betting way, in order not to affect your rights. Thank you!

★Attention Please★

The company for MLB, NBA, NPB, KBO, Football and other events (Top bet) (group bet) (plug-in) Regardless of whether the game is payout, the company will delete the bet order for the above actions.

13.Members are advised to pay attention! Never try your way! Determine the win or lose according to company rules.

14.Unscheduled special Promotions, Please check the promotions page or chat with online customer service.


1.It is the will of the member to enjoy the services provided by the company, and the risk should be borne by the member himself. Participation in the company's services means that members agree that the services provided by the company are normal, reasonable and fair.

2.If the gambling in accordance with the local laws of the member is illegal, the company does not encourage you to participate in our services. In any country where gambling is considered illegal, the company does not promote its national participation. If a member violates local laws because of his participation in the company's services, the company is not responsible.

3.While we do our best to ensure that the website is available 24 hours a day, we are not responsible for any inability to access the website due to irresistible factors (eg, server attacks, damage to submarine cables, etc.).

4.The company does not provide guarantees or assume responsibility for delays, defaults, or failure to provide services due to third-party services provided by the company's website and information (such as providers of wireless communications, etc.).

5.The company is not responsible for the following situations (whether directly or indirectly):
    5.1.Loss of profits
    5.2.Loss of business
    5.3.Loss of income
    5.4.Loss of opportunity
    5.5.Loss of data
    5.6.Loss of goodwill or reputation
    5.7.Any special, indirect or consequential loss

6.The company does not provide any warranty, express or implied, regarding the services currently offered, nor does it provide any warranty or explanation as to the quality, suitability, completeness or accuracy of its services.

7.The company has the right to temporarily suspend, terminate, modify, delete or add the service content temporarily or permanently without notice to the member, and the company is not responsible for any losses arising therefrom.

8.Some of the information on the site is related to the date and time it was published. Therefore, after a certain date and time, the relevant information may no longer be accurate and true, and the company does not promise to update the project. The company is not responsible for the losses caused by its timeliness.

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